EASTWATCH guesthouse prides itself on providing a safe and relaxing environment for all our guests. We work hard to create a chilled, open and informal atmosphere here and the safety of our guests is a top priority. We want to retain as much of the informal vibe as we can, but we must also work equally hard to lower the risk of infection as far as possible. With your cooperation, we can make this achievable

We suggest that you take a few steps when booking to make the most of your stay while remaining safe.

  1. Booking pubs and restaurant as far ahead as possible to secure a table
  2. Maintaining social distancing at all times and wearing a mask where necessary
  3. Keeping up with your hand washing

In addition, we have made some adjustments to the way we do things here to make sure that EASTWATCH guesthouse is a safe place for everyone.

Before you arrive

If you feel unwell, are displaying symptoms, or suspect you have recently been in contact with Covid-19, any variant, please do not travel.

If any of the above applies to you then, of course, we will be disappointed not to see you, but it is vital that you look after yourself and protect those around you. Please contact us to discuss your situation and we can advise you on changing your dates or cancelling your reservation. Take note of the cancellation policy of the booking platform you used.

Arrival and checking in

We need to enable social distancing as much as possible and avoid clusters of guests in the entrance hallway. We have always been open to pre-agreed early bag-drops and key collection and are now introducing staggered arrival times as an additional health and safety precaution.

  • Check-in opens at 3pm. Contact us in advance to agree your arrival time and do let us know if you also require an earlier bag drop.
  • A hand-sanitising station will be available at the main door for use when you get here and throughout your stay.
  • Fully-sanitised keys and parking permits can be collected at your agreed time. If dropping bags early, these can be left in the main foyer where they will be safely stored until you return.
  • We will ensure the introductory tour is limited to one group of guests at a time . During the tour we will point out additional infection control measures as we go.

During your stay

This section covers some general precautions to be taken while you are here. Specific guidelines for our kitchen and leisure facilities are in the next section.

  • If you or anyone in your group leave the house for any reason, please use the hand sanitiser at the front door each time you return. We ask that you wash your hands each time you enter or leave your room or the kitchen. Hand wash and sanitising gel are provided in each room.
  • When moving around the house make sure you observe social distancing guidelines.
  • We have placed hand sanitiser stations at points throughout the house and in each room. Please use these to remain protected wherever you are.

Kraken – Pool, hot tub, gym, and sauna

We are using Covid-19 safety advice from the International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association ( as the basis of our pool, hot tub and sauna precautions.

  • A hand-sanitising station is available in the foyer to our leisure facilities.
  • We will continue to test water quality in the pool and hot tub frequently and will maintain Chlorine levels at 1-3mg/l and pH at 6.8-7.4. This will ensure that water quality is maintained, bacteria are killed, and any virus particles deactivated.
  • Please toilet, shower, and change in your room before using the facilities. Individual robes and pool towels are provided in your room.
  • Pool use is limited to one family/travelling group at a time. Be extra considerate of other guests to ensure everyone can enjoy the pool equally, and limit your use to 1 hour per session.
  • As above, use of the hot tub will be for one family/group at a time and again we ask for extra consideration of others.
  • Use of the gym equipment is permitted. The equipment is cleaned regularly and sanitising spray will be made available should you wish to wipe down the equipment before use. Please ensure it is wiped down after you have finished your workout. Unsupervised children should not be allowed to use the gym.

 Guest kitchen

  • We are adding a further full kitchen deep clean and disinfect to our daily routine.
  • The kitchen is large enough for social distancing to be observed between two groups of guests, and we have introduced a second table so that groups can spread out more effectively.
  • Please make sure that you do not linger overlong in the kitchen at peak times to allow others to use it.
  • Sanitising gel, antiviral cleaning products, wipes and gloves will be available in the kitchen and we ask that you use these to protect yourselves and others.
  • Please clean up fully after each use. The dishwasher is not to be used so please do your own dishes and leave them to drip-dry on the rack.
  • Tea-/handtowels have been removed and disposable kitchen towels provided to dry surfaces and hands. These can be disposed of safely in the waste bin under the sink.

Checking out

Checking out of EASTWATCH guesthouse has always been light touch and we are making sure that our goodbyes are as socially distanced as possible.

  • Simply leave your keys and parking permit, if you have one, on the desk in the main foyer. You have already paid via one of one booking partners.
  • Later check-outs, up to 11:30am, can be made available to avoid crowding in the kitchen and hallways on departure days. Please contact us to agree this before you arrive.